Time for a planty update! I know you’ve been waiting πŸ˜„πŸŒΏ
Our little chilli has been sprouting flowers like never before! Now I’ve never grown chilli before, but I think this means that the flowers will eventually bloom out and give way to fruit?? Fingers crossed!

In the space of a week it suddenly started budding and blooming, so rewarding!

Another one that is just loving life ATM is the Doctor! I didn’t even know it could flower until a few weeks ago, now it’s all it wants to do. Growing season in my πŸ’š

We have a newcomer! Well, two actually, but let’s start with this one. The other night D. spotted a couple of plants outside of an Asian deli across the street from our apartment, they we’re getting rid of them! They both looked a bit worse for wear, but I’m up for a challenge. Lugged this tall, heavy thing in to our building and straight in to the shower for some TLC.

Pruned, showered, read up about. She’s a Yucca Palm, any ideas for names??

It gives me hope that she’s sprouting little shoots and that her leaves are looking green and healthy!

The second one is a ZZ plant! It took me a while to figure out, but I knew that I recognised the leaves. It was extremely heavy and has not seen any love in a long time by the looks of it.

Pruned the worst parts and decided that it had definitely been over watered. Apparently easy to do with a ZZ!

I’m just crossing my fingers that there’s no root rot. What I probably should do is take it apart and re-pot, might just give it a few days to get used to it’s new surroundings first. And find a fitting pot..

ZZ has a relatively new shoot that makes me hopeful! And Yucca is hanging out by our sunny window until we can figure out her ideal spot. She’s a bit big for our little home, so ideally we’d get her to the bar. She happens to be as tall as me so that’s easier said than done… we’ll see what happens!

Now I’m at the bar, walked past these gorgeous roses on my way here 😍 they smelled amazing. Now I should probably stop planting about and get some work done while I’m here!

That’s all the planty updates for today, crazy plant lady signing out xx 🌱


I woke up today with a vague idea in my head. I have SO many concert & festival t-shirts, and I only wear a fraction of them. Most concert t-shirts, at least in the rock & metal-world, are made for men. If there are women’s options they’re always tight and often in a different colour (than black, that is). I tend to go for a small men’s size, some I love, some end up just sitting in my closet. This collectors edition from Sweden Rock Festival 2015 is one of the latter. I like the print, but it doesn’t fit quite right.

Without a real plan, I got the scissors out βœ‚βœ‚βœ‚

Chopped off a bit of the sleeves, then thought F it and chopped off maybe 15 centimetres off the bottom as well!

Considered cutting a pattern in the back or opening up the neckline as well, but stopped myself.. I could at least try it on first!

Ended up with a cute t-shirt that I’m much more likely to wear! Very happy with this result and am tempted to take the scissors to a whole bunch of concert t-shirts…

For now I’m taking this one out for the first time in years, welcome out SRF 2015 ✨

My video from Sweden Rock-15 πŸ–€


The other night I got home from work a bit tired, a bit sweaty, a bit hungry. We’re not allowed to open the bar yet, but we’re going in every day to prep what we can. We’re trying to do a bit of work on the actual bar (things that we never have the time to do when we’re open), I’m prepping pies so that we can start doing take aways, and so on.

Waited patiently (ehm) for Duncan, who was biking home (I had gotten the metro). Wore my recently re-discovered jumpsuit that I bought at H&M years ago, it’s so soft and comfy. Love finding forgotten things in my closet.

The night before our friend Simon had brought us food from his restaurant! It’s a place in the 11th called Siamsa, we’ve never gotten the chance to actually go as we worked 24/7 up until corona struck. We have had Simon’s food before though, so we were very excited for this meal..

We were both a bit jealous of the beautiful packaging, we’re sourcing take away containers as we speak and haven’t found the right ones yet.

My face when I realise that there are no instructions πŸ™ƒ D. quickly called Simon, “what do we dooooo????”, turns out it was very straight forward.

Starter! Now this should be where I describe the dish, but I don’t really know what it was, haha. What I do know though, is that is was absolutely delicious. Fresh and summery, beautifully balanced.

“Does it look like I’m eating?”
“Sure hun”

Next up: main course! Duncan is vegetarian, so we had a meat option pour moi, and a veggie option pour lui. I was instructed to put mine in a soft boiling water for five minutes, D’s was ready to eat.

While my food heated up I admired Morticia in the evening sun. She’s so prettyπŸŒΏπŸ–€

By this stage the hanger had passed and I was excited for the rest of the meal.

Plated and ready to eat, as soon as I’ve gotten a pic. Duncan is used to this by now..

It came with delicious homemade bread and Duncan’s had a miso vinaigrette that was just… amazing. It reminded me of the salted caramel that Simon brought us for Christmas, but in savoury vinaigrette form. Mmmmmm.

Those colours!!

On to dessert! We had three to choose from 😍

Photos first.

We started with this super summery strawberry thing, reminded me of summers in Sweden πŸ“


We saved this decadent looking little thing for last…

It came with a little jar of extra espelette-custard 🌢🀀

The perfect way to round off an absolutely amazing meal.

“I’ll just check if there’s any left” πŸ˜„

As the sun set over the rooftops, we sat back and watched TV in bed. No dishes to do, no lingering hunger.

Thank you Simon, thank you Siamsa ✨


One of the things I missed the most during lockdown, was being able to walk to the bar. Now that it’s summery warm out and all the greenery is in full bloom, I’m so grateful to be able to do that again.

Now that the parks are all closed they’re growing wildly, so beautiful!

This is the skirt Duncan bought me when we went to the hospital, I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day. Love it πŸŒΊπŸ–€

I walk down the whole canal, then up along these green alleys, always with music or a podcast in my ears. Takes around 45 minutes for me, a perfect moment of me-time before work.

Now it’s time for me to put on sneakers and head out again, what shall I listen to today?


I’ve already mentioned that our lovely friend Natascha gave me this beauty recently, I thought we’d have a closer look!

We considered keeping it at the bar for a while (mostly because it’s so big, it felt like a mission to get home πŸ™ˆ), but I knew I wanted it home. I’d even thought out a spot for it, right here.

Duncan went and got a velib (a bike), some of them have soft baskets so to my surprise, it fit!! Big relief for me, since it meant that I didn’t have to struggle with it on the metro… πŸ™Œ

Cleared some space for her, named her Morticia (’cause she’s a monstera and she’s gorgeous) and tadaa! Perfect, right?

I’m as pale as her namesake these days… πŸ‘»

I’m considering getting her something to bind her up on, that she can climb on, but for now I think she looks really pretty hanging out like this.

She has beautiful, big, perforated leaves, and more rolling out! I think the soft, indirect light where she lives now will be perfect.

I. Love. Her. πŸŒΏπŸ–€


It’s been super warm and muggy this past week. It’s only May, but it’s felt like summer. Sun is great and all, but I run really hot already and have a hard time coping with muggy heat. Getting home every night the first thing I’ve done is hop in a cold shower.

I’ve walked to the bar! My ankle is good enough to walk on now, which is a massive relief. No more silly accidents now, please πŸ™

Yesterday we hiked out to Metro, a big membership only-store for bars and restaurants. We picked up some stuff and compared some prices. Sometimes Metro is cheaper, sometimes the supermarket, a supplier or the veggie market is the better option. Sometimes one needs to point out the price and take a pic to remember to compare later ☝

We hurried back to the bar with our finds, we had an appointment to get to!

Our Danish friend Natascha came over to show us some fancy latte art ✨
She works at Bob’s juice bar, so we had a pro on our paws.

This was the goal!

After just a few tries, he made it!!

Like a pro ✨

So happy ❀

Today we hung out at the bar again, we still only have one set of keys so I waited for D. outside (I walk, he bikes (he was also picking up groceries on his way, I’m not faster by foot than he is by bike πŸ™ƒ)). It had rained heavily an hour earlier so the air felt cleaner and fresher than it had all week.

Right before we locked up to head home, Simon came by with a whole bag of goodies for us! But we’ll take a closer look at that tomorrow me thinks.

See you then friends x