I know that it’s April, the days are getting longer, temperatures are slowly rising and I should be getting excited for summer.
But I find myself longing for yellowing leaves, big blankets and autumn.

Whenever it rains, D. will look out and say “Hun! Look! Cozy!”, not because he necessarily thinks so, but because he knows that I do ๐Ÿ–ค

Chilli slow cooked in the crockpot is perfect cozy autumn-food. If you pack it full, it makes food for days as well. For day two of our crockpot veggie chilli I made quick, orange tortillas. I’ve realised how easy tortillas are to make, so my days of buying ready made ones might just be over. Yum.

The mini jack o lanterns stay out year round chez nous, along with a skull above the mirror in the bedroom. A touch of Halloween at all times. ๐Ÿ‘ป

Now, since it’s not actually October, however much I might want it to be, cherry blossoms are springing up all over the place! So fluffy.

D. and I have walked to the bar, scouting nice looking terrace setups along the way.

Organising fun stuff like sourcing new fridge shelf brackets. The joy when I randomly found the exact right one online after 2 days searching! 0 amounts of excitement for anyone else, but there was definite skipping going around here at home.

Example of said skipping.

I’ve cooked with all the free veggies we get on Sundays! Like here for example, free bread toasted, topped with free zucchini & green pepper, a poached eggs and chopped up free chives on top :))) Cheapest & nicest breakfast I know.

I met up with Marion one day, to go for a walk. A walk turned in to coffee, which turned in to shopping, which turned in to spritzes, dinner and chatting for hours. โค

And that’s all for me peeps! Finishing with a happy me, waiting for the elevator chez Marion, with sneaky autumn-looking leaves in the corner ๐Ÿ˜


Hey pals, it’s been a while. Paris is still under what they’re calling lockdown, which isn’t really a lockdown. Curfew at 19h, but other than that you can move pretty freely. Rumour is that terraces can open again in mid-May, fingers crossed!!! Feels so distant, it’ll be strange getting back in to it, but probably something that’ll feel like no time has passed once we’re back.
Anyway – thought I’d pop in with a mixed bag of pics from the past few weeks! Aloha!

Up until they moved back to the States, I was helping our friends Kat & Chris with their bebe ๐Ÿ’•
I’m so glad that I got some real quality time with her before they left. I miss them already.
Bebe and I would go for long walks (well, she mostly napped and played in her stroller as she’s a mere 7 months old and not too quick on her feet yet ๐Ÿ™ƒ), walked past Emily in Paris’ apartment building, restaurant and bakery one day. D. and I got through maybe three episodes of it, to see what the fuss was about, then sort of wordlessly dropped it…

We squeezed in as much time as possible with Kat and Chris (and Rory!!) before they left. One sunny afternoon we got take away pints of IPA on Place de la Contrescarpe. It’s strange now, when Paris is empty of tourists and all bars & restaurants are closed (or only serving take aways). So quiet.

Also been for walks with D. One day in Jardin des Plantes, it’s so pretty over there. Tik Tok video on that coming up soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

I try to see Linda once a week, or at least every other week. We go for walks as well (not much else you can do!), sometimes around her hood around the Eiffel tower, sometimes around mine by the Canal. Hi Swan.

In Jardin des Plantes you can still spot some of the animals, although they’re closed. Wallabies for example! And a quiet, clear Bassin de la Villette on the right โ˜€

I’ve walked, walked and walked. Was quite happy with my 17,000+ steps one day.

Come rain, come shine. Never with makeup, I figure I’ll avoid it as long as I can.

One sunny day, before the “lockdown’s” limit of 10km, we headed to a deserted Gare de l’Est and waited for a train.

Adventure time!

We were off to see our pals who work at Disneyland! For drinks, a bit of fresh air and loads of cuddles with Mai Tai โคโคโค

Heading back to the city the next day, we were a touch fatigued. Note Nick’s band aid-ed head, a recurring trend.

Most of all though, we’ve been home. Cooking has always been one of my favourite things to do, but now it’s really become the absolute focal point of each day.

We’ve been getting free veggies every Sunday (I’ve gone on about this enough times now, so will not repeat) and trying to change up how we eat them. Spicy cauliflower bites, mixed veggie curry.

Cute but time consuming tortellini, focaccia stuffed with sundried tomatoes, olives, fresh rosemary, lots of olive oil.

Cold, refreshing, citrusy drinks when the sun has come out.

A bit of baking. Two faves: my overnight buns & Swedish oat thins (or havreflarn).

I’ve made pretty sloppy sushi, but they were tasty!

We’ve played Cards against humanity, one of many great gifts from Chris and Kat โœจ

I’ve looked back at pics of a time where life was a bit more happening.. and that’s where I’ll leave you for today, pals.

Hope that you’re doing ok, I’m gonna cautiously optimistically say that maybe soon we can start glimpsing the end of the tunnel…??? ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž


Hi pals. Checking in from a super sunny Paris. The other day it was 20 degrees (celsius) outside, surreal but nice. (who knows that reference? ๐Ÿ’™)

6 o’clock curfew is still in place and there are constant rumours about another lockdown. We stay mostly to ourselves, but everyone now and again we decided to live a little and see a friend. Guillaume came to hang out the other day ๐Ÿค 

Guillaume drives and our friend Natascha was headed back to Denmark (sniff), so with that golden timing I aquired a new plant! A huge one, that dwarfs even Morticia the Monstera, who was previously queen of the apartment (and funnily, also a gift from Natascha!).

We managed to stow it into the backseat of G’s car, propped her up on a throne of books and named her Natascha ๐Ÿ’š

I also got my very first cactus! With the amount of plants we have at home, it’s amazing that there wasn’t one in the collection until now. Please live little cactus.

Yesterday was the first of the month and time for a new bullet journal setup. I opted for a fairly simple cover page. We’ve been watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (first time for D, second time for me), decided to go with a witchy feel ๐Ÿ”ฎ

The quote came from this old pinterest fave.

Month at a glance, I’ve found my favourite way of setting this up now. Enough space to write things in the boxes, a to do list to spread out throughout the month, habit trackers and some doodles and decorations.

Poem by Nikita Gill. ๐ŸŒ™โœจ

And the first weekly spread of the month! With spacious boxes, a to do section and a quote from Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee.

Now the sun is shining and I’ve got 5 hours until I legally need to be at home again, so it’s time to head out! โœจ


Yesterday was Sunday and an incredible, sunny 18 degrees. In February. So strange.
Anyway – we headed up towards the bar and to the market on Richard Lenoir. I’ve mentioned it before, so won’t go on and on about it, but at the end of the Sunday market there’s a zero dechet-organisation who collect the stuff that wasn’t sold and give it all away. Sometimes it’s a skinny little haul, other days, like yesterday – it’s a gold mine! I skipped when I spotted the artichokes ๐Ÿ˜€

So pretty. The woman gave us four rather than two, D. thinks due to my evident excitement, haha. Back at home I cleaned all the free fruit and veggies (took almost an hour ๐Ÿ˜ฎ), then got the chokes ready for our Sunday dinner.

Now, there are different kinds of artichokes, I’m no expert but the most common ones that I know of are the big, round ones with a hairy middle – and these cute little ones. I’ll be focusing on the cute little ones in this post ๐Ÿ™‚
Basically you just cut off the stems and pop them in to simmering water. Salt the water generously and pop in a couple of slices of lemon. Let simmer for around 30 minutes, lid on. They’re ready to eat when a leaf easily comes off.

While they simmer, we’ll prep the sides! We had gotten a whole bunch of herbs at the market, I went with parsley for this dish. Chopped up a handful.

For the artichokes I made garlic & herb butter. Butter, fresh parsley, lemon juice, garlic, salt pepper.
We were having fries on the side, so I mixed mayo with lemon & hot sauce for dipping. Dips โค

We’ve invested in an Air fryer!! We’ve tried it out twice and absolutely love it. Fries take 10 minutes, from start to finish – no heat up time needed, just pop the air fryer on and it’s ready to go. They come out super crispy, and there’s zero oil added. Super excited to try other things in it. Our little ninja!

Fries ready – artichokes tender, we’re ready to plate!

I let them sit on the plate for a few minutes before opening them up, ’cause they’re HOT. Then you just gently fold them up, like a flower. These little ones don’t have the hairy middle that the big ones do, so just open it up all the way then spoon your garlic/herb butter in to the middle. A slice of lemon on the side and it’s ready!

HOW nice does this look?? Just dip in butter and tear off the tender flesh with your teeth, keep a bowl near for the leaves. At the end you’ve got the sweet and delicious heart that’s been bathing in butter. Amazing.

We ate in bed, in front of Sabrina (I’ve finally got Duncan watching, yay!).
Feels really luxurious, and it’s so easy! โœจ


Recently we celebrated the birth of one of my all time favourite people,
Kat โค

When you’re far away from your family, you make another one. Here are two of mine! Actually three in this pic, if you look in the mirror as well โค

The night before I had made meringues!

And roasted potatoes with tarragon.

Day D: assembled with cream, raspberry jam and fresh fruit. As Kat is Australian, she was of course getting a Pavlova!

We had a day full of raclette, wine, quizzing and birthday fun ๐ŸŽˆ
Almost forgot that we’re living in a pandemic for a few hours. Great day!

Outside the weather has been going bonkers. Snow some days.

Sun โ˜€

Rain โ˜”

Rainstorm followed by beautiful evening sun. According to the weather app it’s supposed to be 19 degrees (celsius) on Monday?! What is happening?!

Trying to get outside as much as I can. Went for a walk with Linda the other day, walked past a very quiet and empty Champ-de-Mars & Eiffel Tower.

They’re building a temporary version of the Grand Palais, although the structure doesn’t look super temporary to me..

Also doesn’t really look like it’s ready for visitors, “come and see us in January 2021!” the sign said. Pics taken in February 2021. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Walked past an equally quiet Invalides, where Napoleon is resting. So good to catch up with Linda, I really look forward to our walks, I always leave feeling a bit lighter and inspired. โค

Duncan and I went up to Parc de Belleville one day, it’s so lovely up there!

I had brought tea bags, honey and hot water in a thermos, so we sat down in the sun with a cuppa for a bit โ˜€

Made a TikTok video that so far has gotten like 4 times as many views and likes as my other videos?? Confused about this, but hey, I’m not complaining! Check it out here :))))

Back home for a cold glass of white, at dusk. Mmm.

Made my own gnocchi! My second time trying and I was so happy with the result this time around. Just potatoes and flour, so easy! From raw potato to finished meal, it took an hour and a half. A cosy cooking project that I will most definitely do again.

Finally, I want to share something that popped in to our letter box about a week ago. My mum’s friend makes these reusable coffee filters, from recycled materials. You get to choose your own stitching (mumma bear chose mine ๐ŸŒ™๐Ÿฅฐ) and it’s got a little loop so that you can hang it up to dry after you’ve emptied and rinsed it. I love it! It’s so cute, and I love the idea of reusing rather than tossing paper ones every. single. day.
Check them out here – absolutely something worth supporting!!

That’s the all for now pals, good on you if you made it all the way down here ๐Ÿ˜„ now I’m gonna curl up in our cozy chair with a book and a cup of tea, tonight I’m making pizza. Happy Friday!


Hey pals! A little update coming your way today! Lately D. and I have made a concerted effort to go for walks, so that we don’t end up sitting at home all day, every day.

It’s quite nice to discover new cute spots and to stretch the legs a bit, without having a specific goal in mind.

One day, on our way home from one of these walks, they were giving away little crepes at the supermarket! Yes please, with raspberry jam, please and thank you.

Some days have been sunny and I’ve taken the opportunity to take the little one out for some rays. Although she tends to sleep for large parts of it ๐Ÿ™ƒ

We’ve walked past the Notre Dame a couple of times, they’re building away over there. The pic on the right has not been edited to be black and white by the way, that’s just how grey that day was.

The Seine has completely flooded again. Feels very apocalyptic.

Someone parked their rental bike in the wrong spot!

D. and I have wandered up to Parc de la Villette, which is not far from our place.

I’ve found a fallen branch in Jardin du Luxembourg and popped it in some water at home, it’s already sprouting new leaves ๐Ÿ˜€ I was also impressed by the soap addition to some of the taps in Buttes Chaumont!

Sometimes we go up to the bar, I know I’ve said this before, but it’s so hard to get motivated when we don’t have any idea of when we’ll be able to open again.
On Sundays there’s a market on the boulevard around the corner, where a friend of ours helps out in an anti-waste organisation. They collect stuff that the market-guys don’t end up selling and give them away. A great initiative!!

We got loads of good veggies a couple of weeks ago. Made soups, banana bread and other yummy stuff.

We’ve visited our friends at Paname, this particular rainy day happened to be Waitangi day and our kiwi pal Tristan was cooking up lamb on the barbecue!

I tried some delicious grilled lamb, along with their new exotic fruit sour beer. Delisssssh.

I’ve cooked at home, bien sur. I made a quiche a while ago, such a simple and tasty dish that I often forget about. This one I stuffed with sundried tomatoes, feta and fresh spinach. Yum.

I’m still powering on with the baking, I tried a new bread recipe recently that was nice, but honestly – not as nice as my easy, overnight buns.
Another day our Swedish pal Ebba came over to pick up some books that I had for her, she brought treats from the Swedish shop! Along with my banana bread and a couple of coffees, it made for a lovely afternoon.

I’ve made tortillas, which is one of my new favourite things to do. It’s so easy and yummy! I made a whole bunch this time (32 in total..!), so we had tortillas for days. Tacos on day one, fried with egg, tomato & cheese for next day brekkie. Mmmmmm. Had the last ones today as an afternoon quesadilla-snack.

For Australia Day we organised an online quiz! Our Aussie friend Josh helped out with a section and sent us the most Australian pic ever ๐Ÿ˜„

I’m working my way through my 21 for 21 list! In the free veggies-haul there was a super-soft little mango. We ate what we could of it, then I popped the stone in damp paper, inside of a plastic bag and let it sit. 10 days later it’s grown a little tail! As soon as it gets a touch warmer I’m planting it and crossing my fingers for a little mango tree ๐ŸŒด

I’ve journaled like never before! For the February-setup I even did a time lapse of the process!

This month I was inspired by my favourite comic, Nathan W. Pyle’s Strange Planet. The instagram account is just an absolute joy.

Very happy with it ๐Ÿ’™

I posted said time lapse on tik tok, where you can now find me occasionally! So far I’ve done some Paris-gems videos, and the journal one. I know that I won’t have time to do any of these things once we open the bar again, so I’m trying to maximize it right now! You can find me right here <—- click click click :))))

Anyway – that’s all for me for now! Hope that you’re hanging in there, whoever and wherever you are in the world โœจ


Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been working on perfecting homemade bread. When I make a loaf, it’s always edible, but never GREAT. I want it to be GREAT. Time to share the best, and by far the easiest, recipe I’ve tried so far. Come along!
Recipe summary at the bottom of the post ๐Ÿ™‚

This is what they’ll look like when they’re done! I still haven’t managed to perfect an actual loaf of bread unfortunately, if anyone has tips for me, feel very free to share! In the meantime, these are pretty bloody delicious.

The night before you want your yummy buns, you just mix together this simple dough. Takes 5 minutes and consists of fresh yeast, cold water, honey, oil, salt and flour. No need to knead, you just mix it together and shape it in to a slightly sticky ball in a bowl. Cover with a kitchen towel and pop in the fridge.
That’s it for stage one! Easy, huh?

This is how I normally feel when I try my hand at bread. Followed by disappointment when it doesn’t come out the way I was hoping… not with this recipe though!!

As for fresh yeast, back in Sweden that’s what you find in every supermarket when you look for baking goods. In France, this is not the case. Some supermarkets have started stocking it now, but far from all of them. Bakeries do have it though! Sometimes in packaged cubes, sometimes they cut off a bit from a massive chunk and pop in a paper bag. Just ask for levure fraiche!

Fast forward to the next morning, the dough should have risen quite a bit by now.

Drop the dough onto a floured surface, cut up in to 8 pieces (you can obvs change this number, but I find that 8 makes good portion sizes). I like to do them in little triangles like these, but balls, rolls, squares etc work just as well.

Dust with flour, bake for 20 minutes on 225 (ish) degrees. Done!!

Enjoy your delicious buns! Like here, with butter, cheese, tomato, cucumber, egg.

Or our favourite: cheese, tomato and a poached egg! Mmmmm.

I store them in a plastic bag, once they’ve cooled down completely. I can’t tell you exactly how long they last, as we always finish them within a few days.. but it’s so quick and easy to make, so I don’t mind doing it fairly often.

Will you try it? Let me know how it went! Recipe below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy baking โœจ


Hey journal fans! We’re one month in to the new year, and nowhere closer to being able to open the bar by the looks of it. This means I still have heaps of time to do other stuff, such as baking, reading and journaling.
New year meant a brand spankin new journal, very much a symbol of a fresh start. This is the second bullet journal I set up, I’ve got a better idea of what I use (gratitude logs, scrapbook style pages) and what I don’t (habit trackers, grid space page) and what I want it to look like.
I started with the key! I don’t reference it often, but it’s a nice way to open up the book I think.

Quite a bit of this post will be blurred out, as I took the photos after I had already started filling it out. More real this way maybe? Hopefully. Anyway, the past few years I’ve done this setup in some shape or form, inspired by Gretchen Rubin, who’s podcast Happier I listen to weekly.

The tedious to do year at a glance-spread. A good way for dates coming up in months that I haven’t set up yet. Clean and simple.

Started doing this last year, as I’m absolutely hopeless with remembering birthdays. This definitely helps!

And so pretty! Really happy with this ๐ŸŒ™โ™Ž

New spread for this year: Gift ideas! Every now and again I think of something I could get for someone’s birthday, and then of course I’ve forgotten it by the time it’s time to organise. I’m hoping that this will help ๐Ÿ™‚
On the right is my reading log!

I use goodreads, but I love having it on paper like this as well. When I took this pic I’d read four books, I’m on number 7 this year now ๐Ÿ™ƒ

And that’s all the yearly setup stuff, keeping it pretty simple. On to January! Nabokov-quote on the left and moon phases on the right.

Love playing with the dutch door-concept.

Every month I start with a calendar and a page for my gratitude log. I try to keep this up daily, but without putting any pressure on it. I simply write down one fun, happy, nice thing that happened that day. It can be something someone said or something as simple as eating a perfectly creamy pasta for dinner.

First half week of the year and some other stuff. Goals, food ideas. Duncan insists that I don’t like fruit, so I decided to list the ones I do like.

First full weekly setup! I always do a weekly to do/events list, that I try to spread out throughout the week. Nowadays the weekly setups become more journal-y than task-based, due to obvious reasons.

Week 2!

Week 3! Wasn’t super happy with this layout, I don’t love being constricted by little boxes. I already knew this, so not quite sure why I set it up like this. Oh well.

And week 4! I much prefer this way of dividing the page. Gives me more space to spread out my thoughts.

Now it’s time to set up February, I’ve got a theme in mind that I’m really excited about! โœจ


2021 came. And nothing changed, of course. My hometown Stockholm is under a thick layer of snow, Paris is grey and rainy. Feels like March, but weโ€™re mid-January. Time has become vague. Today the new curfew kicks in, now weโ€™re not allowed outside after 18h, not that it makes a huge difference for us anyway? We spend the days sometimes going to the bar, fixing little things here and there. Other days I help a couple of friends out with their nouveau-nรฉ, sheโ€™s 4 months and a ball of love. Iโ€™m on my 5th book this year, in two weeks. We cook, we drink tea, we watch movies. We wait. Life goes on, luckily so.

The year kicked off in a pretty great way! Jess and Quentin got married!! And they asked me to be a witness!! An honour and a beautiful day, I’m very grateful that I got to be a part of it โค
(before anyone cracks it, they were allowed to take their masks off for a few photos and there were only 6 of us there)

In November/December I read all the Harry Potter-books, so in January we watched the movies. With Slytherin-gingerbread cookie, made by Duncan ๐Ÿ

When we’re not stuck inside, we go to the bar. Some days Linda walks with me! One day she brought mini galettes de roi ๐Ÿ˜ we disinfected our hands, bought coffee and sat down on a bench. Covid friendly and cozy.

With all this time off, I’ve been reading a LOT. So when I dropped my Kobo and the screen smashed, I was pretty gutted. Duncan immediately cycled out in the rain and bought me a new one ๐Ÿญ He’s pretty amazing, my guy.

When we realised that the new one didn’t have the warm colour setting that the old one had, he ordered yellow tinted glasses so that the blue screen wouldn’t disrupt my already pretty poor sleeping patterns :’)

I made pasta as a small thank you. With the pasta machine that he bought for me, hehe..

I’ve also started making my own tortillas! Surprisingly easy, and super tasty.

We bought a new oven! A raspberry red one! Our old one broke out of nowhere, so it was really out of necessity. Picked this one up from le bon coin for ten euros, it’s bigger than our old one and again – raspberry red! ๐Ÿ˜

D. tested it out with baked potatoes ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

And I tried it out with banana bread, worked a treat ๐Ÿค—

Sunny days have been few and far between, whenever a ray has poked in through our windows the camera’s had to come out. And the mascara on this day!

Most days have been grey and pretty dreary. But when looking after the cutest little 4 month- old in town, that doesn’t really matter. ๐Ÿฅฐ

The past few days we’ve been going in to the bar, we’re trying to get a few things done while we’re closed. I find that it’s been really hard to find the motivation, when there’s no deadline. We have no idea when we’ll be able to open again, which makes it hard to get motivated to go in and work every day. But we’re keeping on keeping on. One day at the time. Here, D. inspecting a wall, using the makeshift step ladder I built ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Very important to take snack breaks. here, with a day old bowl from Bob’s Juice bar. Still really yummy!

When we woke up today, it was snowing!!! Within an hour it turned to rain, but hey, it was nice for as long as it lasted!

As a true Swede, I know that there’s no such thing as bad weather – you just have to dress the part. Layers, layers, layers. And top with rain resistant material.

And that, my friends, has brought us up to date! This was a few hours ago, painting and fixing up little corners of the bar.
Now it’s time for me to start dinner and get Sabrina on the screen. I realise that last time I wrote here was in November, so I’m definitely not making any promises about the next post.. could be in 6 weeks, could be tomorrow. Exciting huh????