Watered the plants and admired them all, like I do every day.

The avocado who lives in the bedroom window (we have another 4 in the living room, hehe) has started to split!! It’s already huge, I wonder how big it’s planning to become?! Excited to see! 🥑🥑🥑

I watered the tomato plants who live outside, they are loving this tropical heat. Hopefully this year we get more than one tomato, like last year 🙃

I felt a bit low, although the evening sun in our bedroom chirped me up a bit. I’m someone who needs a project, however big or small. Just something that makes me feel useful, like I’ve done something. Sometimes I slack on that, I end up doing nothing and then I feel all the worse for it. Sounds very much like a luxury problem to have, but this pandemic is rough mentally.

For dinner Duncan wanted to do a Malaysian Laksa soup, but with the Asian shops in the area not getting their usual deliveries it was very hard to find the right ingredients.

I still found it absolutely delicious though! We still have a little bit in the fridge, might just have to heat some up for a midnight snack…

Hope you guys are managing both physically and mentally x

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